Please welcome MASON’s newest member, Nichole Meehl! She’s an Architectural Historian who joined the firm on November 16, 2022.

Nichole graduated from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland with a Master of Science degree in Architectural Conservation. She was born in North Carolina into a military family and moved around growing up, living in places such as Italy, England, Saudi Arabia, and all around the United States. Living in many different states and countries contributed to Nichole’s interest in art, culture, architecture, and ultimately architectural conservation.

Nichole recently moved to Hawai‘i after completing her master’s to pursue her career as an Architectural Historian and is excited to learning more about the history of Hawai‘i and its varied architecture. She is looking forward to learning to surf and have some actual experience behind all those surf reports she gave working at a surf shop for many years.

Nichole is fascinated by historic buildings and old junk and often spends her weekends rummaging through thrift and antique stores. She enjoys spending time with her family and is immensely proud of her husband and two children, who continue to inspire her and never fail to make her laugh. Now that Nichole lives on this side of the world, she is hoping she may finally be able visit places like Japan, New Zealand, and Australia.

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