Danele Alampay


“Any work that exists, or which has the potential to exist is related to discovery. We do not create the work. I believe we, in fact, are discoverers.”

-Glenn Murcutt


Master of Science in Historic Preservation, University of Pennsylvania, 2023

Bachelor of Architecture, University of Washington, 2017


Danele joined MASON in 2024.

Architecture has been a part of Danele’s life for a long time, but she found herself working in the profession in pursuit of studying historic preservation. She is interested in how architects and preservationists build meaning in our environments, and in caring for these spaces, they continue in the present a dialogue with the past and future of a place. She hopes that working in these fields can lead to thoughtful ways to approach design, tying what we understand of the physical aspects of a project with elements that lift the stories of communities.

Outside of work, Danele enjoys reading books and sketching. A newcomer to Hawaii, she hopes she can find good places to eat and grab coffee.

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