Kalahikiola Congregational Church

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Preservation, Rehabilitation

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Following a destructive 6.7-magnitude earthquake in 2006, the historic Kalahikiola Congregational Church suffered extensive damage to its unreinforced stone structure, which led to the near complete collapse of the makai end wall. Through MASON’s extensive work on this project, one of Kohala’s oldest structures was saved for future generations, and now stands to share the story of the Congregational Church and of the prominent Bond family that plays a pivotal role in the local community.

Utilizing both current structural technology as well as historic materials and construction methods, we supported the roof structure and saved the floor while the stone walls were removed. New footings and masonry walls were constructed to bear the weight of the roof and meet current seismic codes. The building’s historic windows and doors, woodwork and hardware were carefully preserved and installed in the newly constructed exterior walls.

The October 2006 earthquake caused parts of the rock masonry walls to collapse.

Left: After the stone walls were removed, the building was shored and braced and new walls of CMU were erected; Right: Windows and doors, woodwork and hardware were carefully preserved and reinstalled in the new walls.

Project Details

  • Removed all the stones from the walls and salvaged them for use in building site walls
  • Reconstructed the walls using concrete masonry, and plastered the walls in a pattern to match the original plaster pattern
  • Repaired window damage and reconstructed two new windows to match the historic windows exactly
  • Replaced wood shingles on the tower
  • Restored interior finishes and woodwork
  • Reconstructed the plastered stone arch, which predates the church construction, using traditional materials


Historic Preservation Honor Award

Historic Hawaii Foundation, 2010


  • Documentation of Existing Conditions
  • Design and construction documents for the restoration, rehabilitation, and preservation of historic properties
  • Construction Administration
Left: Interiors after the rehabilitation; Right: Exterior after the rehabilitation

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