Ford Island has Something New

MASON developed 30 interpretive panels along the Ford Island Historical Trail.

The interpretive panels have been placed along a newly-completed 3.4-mile, paved walking and running trail that encircles the island. Researchers at MASON studied the history of Ford Island from prior to contact with explorers through its historic military use to tell the island’s complete story.

The interpretive panels are paired at 15 nodes along the trail so that the path and panels work together to showcase the area’s rich history and amazing views. Along the Ewa side of the island, you’ll find information about the area’s geology, Hawaiian history, and historic Army use. Panels on the Diamond Head side are dedicated to the island’s Navy history, defense development, and role in World War II. Whether you’re interested in the history of pili grass and Pearl Harbor pearls or in the area’s military history, the Ford Island Interpretive Trail has something to offer.

Ford Island is an active military installation, and access is limited to those with a valid military ID and their guests. Though visitors are permitted access by shuttle to the USS Missouri and the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum, the Ford Island Interpretive Trail is not part of those tours and is not currently open to the public.

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