Farewell to Ann

Ann Yoklavich, one of our Senior Historians and Project Manager, has announced her retirement from the firm. She will continue her contributions to the firm as a consultant, albeit on a more limited basis.

Ann has been an integral part of our company for the last 34 years; her work has been unfailingly excellent, and consequently highly valued and appreciated by our clients. Her hard work, commitment, and dedication has been an inspiration.  Mr. Mason has always said “she is the best architectural historian in Hawaii and there is no question her scholarship is second to none.”

Although we are happy for Ann and wish her the best, it is not without some regret at seeing her leave our family.

“Ann, you have always been a wonderful teacher, friend, and mentor. If you hadn’t introduced me to Glenn when I was a grad student zillions of years ago, and hadn’t been so generous with your time and training when I was an intern, and then a new staff member, I would not have the personally rewarding career that I’ve enjoyed for nearly two decades here at MASON. I am so grateful to you for all of it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love, generosity, and incredible eagle eye for editing! Enjoy your retirement!!” - Polly Tice


“Ann, Your rare combination of unmatched kindness and deep knowledge of Hawaii has been a privilege to witness. I am lucky to have worked with you this past year and look forward to meeting up outside of work to watch the sunset and/or have some nonwork related fun! You are a gem of a person and I thank you for your service to this great company. Your wisdom in the office will be missed, but I know you’ll be out there spreading wisdom in so many other ways. Aloha and many mahalos!” – Caroline           


“Ann, you’ve worked so hard for many years, now it’s time for a new adventure in life! It’s been great working with you all these years. Congratulations on your retirement and a brand new beginning!” – Evelyn Cabradilla


“I wish you the best in your future endeavors. Thank you for your many years of service to our company, you will be greatly missed, take care of yourself!” – Maile Kop


“Thank you for your ever-present warm smile, sharing your knowledge of the historic buildings surrounding us, and for sharing the secret to your filing system of documents on your desk.  I will never tell anyone, promise!” – Patty Davis 


“Best wishes on your next adventure!” – Rosanne Roman


“In the many years that I have known Ann, I have found her to be a thoughtful, considerate and warm hearted friend and colleague. She has always been thorough, driven and earnest in her professional endeavors and has been and is an incredible resource in the field of historic preservation in Hawaii. She has influenced my own personal career in historic preservation in Hawaii and beyond. Most sincere congratulations to Ann for a wonderful and enduring career!” – Ming-Yi Wong


“I’m no good with the words for occasions, but Ann (AY) is just the nicest human. When she’s not driving! 😊 She is incredibly thoughtful, and so tolerant of us new kids rehashing information she’s known forever. She is also amazing at remembering birthdays, making everyone else (or maybe it’s just me?) feel terrible for forgetting everyone’s birthday. I hope the office will still have her on speed dial, because the information stored in her noggin is prodigious, and I’m not sure all the files and folders and whatnot can fill in adequately! But, I also hope that AY will get to relax and take a ton of trips to all the places (maybe Japan?). MASON will obviously not be the same without AY.” – Leslie Jones


“When I first started working at Spencer Mason Architects in 1992, Ann was the only person serving as architectural historian.  She was well renowned for her thoroughness and accuracy in her research, and it was clear that she really enjoyed the process.  In the following years the firm received contracts for many more projects requiring research, and so several of us were tasked with completing research projects. Ann was always so helpful in assisting us, letting us know locations for sources of photos, maps, histories, and how to complete HABS reports, Cultural Resource Management Plans, and other documents.  We were never able to produce things to quite the high level that Ann could, but our work was clearly improved by having her guidance.

Two of my favorite research project were those that Ann and I did together because there were so many resources to survey and write about. We spent over three weeks at Yokosuka, Japan and on the island of Tinian, so not only did Ann and I work together, but we spent mealtime and weekends together. It was great getting to know her better, and I found her to be always kind, adventurous, curious, extremely knowledgeable, and fun. 

I feel my research skills and awareness of architectural history has been vastly improved by working with Ann and following her professional example.  I also feel I have a lifelong friend whom will always be there when I need help, and for whom I will always be there for. Thank you Ann for being you.” - Katie Stephens

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