Commercial Property Tax Credits and Exemptions

We regard this program as a well-kept secret that’s long overdue for discovery by owners of Hawaii’s historic commercial properties.

Through a special tax provision of the City & County of Honolulu, building owners are encouraged to dedicate their properties for historic preservation. Once accepted into this program, building owners will receive a 50 percent exemption from real property taxes. Seeing this as a win-win scenario for the local community and its business owners, MASON is proud to offer consulting services to owners who seek tax exemptions.

In tandem with consulting services, we develop custom Commercial Property Maintenance Plans that identify a building’s historic, character-defining features as well as maintenance tasks and schedules to ensure this character is preserved. Following the plan’s development, we assist building owners with filing the Tax Exemption paperwork to secure the next year’s property tax adjustment. We have assisted building owners of former Big Five corporation’s headquarters to a small commercial building in Chinatown.

Former Star-Bulletin Building, downtown Honolulu


  • Stangenwald Building, Honolulu
  • Former C. Brewer & Co. Headquarters Building, Honolulu
  • Former Star-Bulletin Building, Honolulu

Courtyard and detail of former C. Brewer & Co. Headquarters

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