Historic Building 251/252 was Sinking into Makalapa Crater

High on the rim of Makalapa Crater at Pearl Harbor, this semi-permanent wooden structure was built in 1943 to house the Joint Intelligence Center Pacific Ocean Areas (JICPOA), where intelligence was collected, evaluated, and disseminated throughout World War II. Six decades later, its foundation was gradually sinking into the Crater when Mason Architects, working with Nan, Inc., was commissioned to design its renovation.

  • Compaction grouting was used to stabilize the soil beneath the building.
  • New concrete and masonry foundation walls and new plywood shear walls were then installed to bring the structure up to seismic code; a new wood skirt along the perimeter matches the original.
  • Post-World-War-II additions were removed and the interior was gutted and rebuilt.
  • Blocked-out windows were reopened, windows added over time were removed, and new fixed-glass windows sized to match the originals were installed in the original window pattern.
  • A frame-and-panel system of wall partitioning used in the original corridors is recreated in the lobby of the building, which continues to be used as offices for the Navy's COMPACFLT.

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AWARD: Historic Preservation Award from the Historic Hawai‘i Foundation, 2005.

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Historic Photo: 14th Naval District, Pearl Harbor.

The Navy renovated historic Building 251/252 for continued use as offices for COMPACFLT.