To Preserve The Navy’s Rich Cultural Heritage On Oahu

The Commander Navy Region Hawaii commissioned the Integrated Cultural Resource Management Plan to identify the Navy’s cultural resources and to better maintain, adaptively reuse, or minimize/mitigate adverse impacts on them. Mason Architects, as subcontractor to Helber Hastert and Fee, Planners, surveyed the historic architectural resources in the Pearl Harbor Naval Complex, and in a later study added all areas on Oahu under the jurisdiction of the CNRH.

Provided an overall history and analysis of the Pearl Harbor Naval Complex;

Delineated twelve historic zones within the Complex – Marine Barracks, Shipyard, Malalapa Housing, for example;

Provided a history, analysis, and planning guidelines for each zone;

Used a cultural landscape approach, which identifies and links historic periods, geographic areas, and resource types;

Focused on character-defining features of the landscape (views, topography, vegetation, circulation) and of buildings and structures (construction types; design elements);

Added 500 residential facilities to its earlier survey of over 1000 pre-1956 military facilities; and added them to the Navy’s database.

Later updated the ICRMP to provide written histories of Naval Magazine Pearl Harbor (Lualualei), Radio Transmitter Facility (RTF); Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Station (NCTAMS), and Navy-retained lands at Kalailoa; inspected, photographed and reported on about 400 additional facilities; and added them to the Navy’s database.

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These two-story senior officers’ quarters were built along Hale Alii Road in Pearl Harbor in 1914.