An Aviation Museum In Four Historic Buildings

Pacific Aviation Museum was established in 1999 by a group of retired military officers and Hawai‘i businessmen to develop a world-class aviation museum in four existing historic structures on Ford Island in Pearl Harbor: Hangars 37, 54, and 79 and S-84, the control tower. Since 1999, Mason Architects has provided historical architectural services to analyze the condition of the buildings, identify character-defining features to preserve, and foresee potential impacts to their historical integrity.

In 1999, Mason Architects, as consultant to Group 70 International, evaluated the historic materials, condition, preservation potential, and potential impact of the proposed use of the 1941 Building S-84, a two-story reinforced concrete building with aerological tower and 156-foot steel water tank topped with an air control tower.

In 2005, MAI, as consultant to Architects Hawai‘i, provided a historic preservation analysis of the 1926 Hangar 37, preparatory to its conversion to a museum.

In 2008 MAI prepared a detailed analysis of the work required to stabilize Building S-84 and Hangar 79, built in 1943, to arrest further deterioration caused by corrosion and water infiltration, and in 2010 is preparing drawings for the actual stabilization and repair of the buildings.

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Photos: MAI and Pacific Aviation Museum

Control Tower S-84 will receive new steel decking, cantilevered landings, and guardrails, new heavy-gauge galvanized steel flashing, and a new white-and-orange paint job. The two-story building will house administration offices.