NOAA Incorporates Historic Hangars Into Its New Center

NOAA’s proposed Pacific Region Center on Ford Island incorporates four historic buildings: Building 130, a 1934 airplane hangar; Buildings 175 and 176, larger hangars built in 1941; and Building S-181, a two-story bombproof personnel shelter. These buildings lie within the Ford Island Historic Management Zone, part of the Pearl Harbor National Landmark. Mason Architects as historical architect has joined a team led by Helmuth Obta & Kassabaum (HOK) and Ferraro Choi and Associates in three phases of the Center’s design.

In 2005 the design team prepared the Request-for-Proposal to renovate the four buildings and construct a three-story atrium between Buildings 175 and 176. MAI

  • made recommendations to preserve the historic character of the buildings and to retain historic view planes and circulation patterns;
  • outlined treatment of historic materials and introduction of replacement materials;
  • and helped to write the Architectural Basis of Design.

In 2006 the design team prepared drawings and specifications for the development of Building 130 as a Research Center Animal Facilities with live seawater animal tanks and supporting facilities. Mason Architects:

  • surveyed all doors to determine their potential use, removal, or retention as fixed (but unused) elements;
  • researched historic photos of trees in the waterfront park;
  • documented the history of sheds on the building;
  • located the historic compass roses on the site;
  • identified strafe marks from the December 7, 1941 attack and the airplane hold-downs

In 2007 the design team prepared a Master Plan to identify the most promising sites and approaches to the future development of buildings and the preservation of open space. MAI participated in design charettes to:

  • ensure the historic compatibility of the plan and
  • assist in the development of interpretive trails within the area.
  • Through the present, MAI acted as the historical consultant to HOK on their work in design and construction documents for the renovations and addition to Buildings 175 and 176. HOK recently made their 100% submittal for this project.

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Photos: HOK and MAI; renderings: HOK.

Aerial view of site.