Preserving The Historic Homes at Hickam Air Force Base

The houses built for officers and enlisted men from 1937 to 1941 are considered important cultural resources within Hickam’s Historic District. Mason Architects, as subcontractor to J. M. Waller Associates, devised a Building Preservation Plan to retain the remaining original architectural features of these houses and guide modifications.

This project was one step in the general privatization of military housing under the control of the 15 Airlift Wing.

The Building Preservation Plan applies to 17 officers’ houses and nine enlisted men’s houses, each representing a historic housing type.

In Phase 1, the architect examined all drawings, documents, and reports on the selected homes

In Phase 2, each of the units was surveyed to determine existing conditions and the extent of alterations over the years

Lanai had been enclosed, bathrooms added

New roofs or floors had been laid on top of the originals; windows and lights replaced, bathrooms and kitchens modified

Air conditioning units mounted in windows had damaged window frames and walls

In Phase 3, historically significant architectural elements – layouts, materials, details – were identified within each home

In Phase 4, specifications were developed for the maintenance and repair of those elements

In a later project, Mason Architects conducted further field and archival research and prepared Level III HABS documentation on individual houses that represent each of the housing types.

These projects preceded the actual rehabilitation, which is now under way [link to Restoration\Residential\Hickam Housing Renovation].

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Type F, officers’ housing, has three bedrooms and two baths and a maid’s room and bath.