To Create Community, The Whole Barracks Renewal

A project from the design-build team of Mason Architects and Nan, Inc., these four two-story buildings comprise Phases 2F2 and 2G of the Whole Barracks Renewal at Schofield Barracks The two Company Operations Facilities and two Battalion Headquarters contain offices, classrooms, conference rooms, arms vaults, shower/locker rooms, and storage areas.

  • The buildings replaced several buildings known as "Quad 1."
  • The goal of Whole Barracks Renewal is to separate company operations from the barracks, and emphasize amenities like landscaping, recreation areas, and parking to create a sense of community.
  • The buildings are designed to be consistent in appearance with the surrounding buildings that have recently been completed in the Company Campus Zone.
  • The Headquarters classrooms share a central open courtyard with covered pavilion that can be used for social gatherings and other troop activities.
  • The four buildings have larger operable windows to allow maximum light and ventilation.
  • Due to limited land area, the conventional AT/FP standoffs could not be achieved, so the structure, windows, doors, and skylights were designed to meet much greater blast loads.
  • The buildings received LEED Gold ratings and integrate many energy-conserving features in their air conditioning, water heating, water flow, and lighting systems.
  • Work also includes design of site facilities such as roads, walkways, and a parking lot with 335 spaces.

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Aerial view.