Visitor Emergency Operations Center (VEOC) open 24/7

This new Pacific Area Communications Center (PACC) will provide dispatch services to ten national parks throughout the Pacific Islands in addition to back-up support for the Big Island of Hawaii’s municipal fire and law enforcement entities. Construction of the 4,896 square foot VEOC faced unique challenges. Built in the midst of two active volcanoes, special attention was paid to an air-filtration system allowing dispatch, law enforcement, and emergency response personnel to continue working when poor air quality requires closure of the park.

  • The new building was an addition to an existing ranger station, constructed in 1968, and was designed to match the surrounding historic buildings.
  • Planning and construction employed various strategies: energy savings, water efficiency, CO2 emissions reduction and improved indoor environmental quality.
  • The VEOC meets dispatch and command center code requirements, has redundant HVAC and electrical support systems, emergency backup power and a 246 panel 48 kwh photovoltaic net metering system.
  • Design included incorporating ohia and lava materials removed from the construction site and a full commissioning of all electrical and mechanical systems was completed.
  • The VEOC was awarded LEED Platinum Certification.

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The tree trunks at the front entry and at the carport beyond are all Ohia from the site.